Xposed Android Nougat on the latest version of Android smartphone

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May 9, 2022

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How to install Xposed Android Nougat

Install Xposed Android Nougat – For Android smartphone operators, Xposed has become a must-have app that must be installed on their smartphone. No matter what version of Android they use in their smartphone, this very powerful app can be guaranteed that it will always be available because of various features such as setting the default memory on the sdcard, optimizing performance and battery , Systemui customization and more are very useful. . However, the existence of Nokia Android has become a disappointment for operators because Xposed can not work on this version of Android. However, it turns out that this is an old story that has reappeared, because now they can enjoy it again. Xposed Android Nougat.
How to install Xposed Android Nougat

Where can the Xposed app run on Nokia Android ?, It turns out that the good news comes from the PurifyOS ROM development team from Italy. They have created an Xposed application that is compatible with Nokia Android and other ROM users use it, and they also confirm their success by using this Xposed framework. Only the Xposed Android Nougat app is still in beta, although this news is still very exciting, and of course more Xposed modules can be used in the future and their performance will be more stable.

How to install Xposed Android Nougat

How to install Xposed Android Nougat is similar to installing Xposed on Android Lollipop and Marshmallow, in which the installation process uses the flash method through custom recovery. Of course, the difference is in the Xposed framework installer file.

1. Download the Xposed framework ZIP file from the official PurifyOS link, select the “Classic” option, then select ARM for those who use 32-bit Android ROM, and if they use 64-bit Android ROM, select ARM64 .
2. Download the Xposed installer from the original link or backup link.
3. Copy the two files to the smartphone, preferably to the main microSD folder.
4. Now turn off your smartphone, then enter the recovery menu to flash the Xposed framework ZIP file.

As with the flashing process in general, back up all your smartphone data first. Also, if your smartphone experiences a boot loop or the Xposed Nougat app does not run as expected, make a backup of the ROM as a precaution. With ROM backup, the recovery process is easy.

And as described above, xposed Android Nougat It is still in beta, which means there will still be updates that are released regularly by the development team. To do this, it is best to follow the Xposed Nougat development directly on the official XDA Forum topic.

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