These are the privacy features of Telegram for more secure chats

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Gadgetren – The Telegram messenger app shares interesting information about how to protect our data when using the Telegram app through the features provided.

In order for us to be safe and comfortable in sending messages, Telegram ensures that our privacy information is protected and not disseminated, which can lead to abuse by irresponsible people.

Features to keep our privacy information secure using the Telegram app From the beginning, you create or register a Telegram account until you log out or log out. When creating a Telegram account, when registering, we must enter a phone number to ensure the accuracy of the data through verification.

After registration, we will be given access via Telegram so that we can grant or restrict the access that Telegram requests for our contacts and call logs. Then when we log in, Telegram also requests us to enable two-step verification for the app to prevent account theft.

Additionally, when chatting on Telegram, we can use the secret chat feature, which is useful to ensure that chat history data with friends and family cannot be retrieved by third parties, even Telegram itself.

It does this by activating the Secret Chat feature for additional encryption throughout. Do not forget that on every chat page, we are given the freedom to lock chats that we think are private. You do this by selecting the lock icon at the top of the screen so that messages are locked automatically.

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We can also turn off the feature in the Telegram app to set the location so that it is not seen or hijacked by people trying to get personal information such as home address, etc.

To disable location sharing, we can use the People Nearby feature to be disabled by default in the Telegram app. Telegram provides privacy features for group chats not only for personal security, but also by restricting invitations to join groups and restricting the sharing of messages outside the group.

Lastly is a feature that allows us to delete messages before leaving or leaving the Telegram application. At any time we can delete the chat history using the auto-delete method to automatically delete the conversation effects after a long time.

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