Slow Telegram? Here’s an easy way to overcome it

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For those who usually use Telegram, you may have experienced problems where Telegram is used.

This situation can certainly interfere with activities, such as when we want to open messages, call someone, store data, and disrupt others.

Well, for those of you who want to re-create the Telegram app that is used as usual, this is very possible. Here I will explain the guide.

The reason for the slowness of the telegram

Before entering into the discussion, there are several reasons why Telegram is slow to know. Including:

  • Allow to chat Be collected and never removed
  • very much Join Groups, especially those with crowded groups
  • Do not overdo it Download
    Files, intentional or unintentional (automatic download feature enabled)
  • Never clean Cache And Telegram information
  • You are still using the old version of Telegram

How to overcome the slowness of the telegram?

Many solutions can be tried to overcome the slowness of Telegram. Well, specifically here I will discuss only 5 ways. Please listen. Don’t forget to do it too Backup Telegram if needed

1. Delete unnecessary chats

If you use Telegram often, there will certainly be plenty of them to chat
Saved in this app.

Well, one way to deal with Telegram slowness is to delete it to chat
Old or no longer required

Here’s how to delete to chat In the telegram:

  1. Please open Telegram then search to chat That you want to delete
  2. The next hit to chat
    And select icon Delete.
  3. If there is a notification, please tap Delete chat To confirm the deletion
  4. done.
Delete Telegram Chat

2. Leave inactive groups

Apart from deletion
to chatYou can also leave groups that are no longer active or no longer needed.

This solution is undoubtedly more recommended than before. Especially for crowded groups where every chat comes in, it can certainly make Telegram heavier.

How to leave the Telegram group is as follows:

1. Please open Telegram, then look for a group that you are no longer active in.

Select the Telegram group

2. Then press and tap the group icon Delete.

Telegram group delete menu

3. A dialog box will appear later, please just tap on the option Leave the group To confirm.

Confirm leaving Telegram Group

4. Done.

3. Update Telegram periodically

Update Telegram regularly

Most Telegram users often do not do this Updates Application. Although this is highly recommended.

This is because using the latest version of Telegram, the use of the application is optimized to make it lighter. In addition, there are several new features.

The Telegram version can be updated as usual. You stay open Play StoreThen search Telegram And tap the button Updates.

4. Disable auto-download

Telegram has the ability to automatically download to automatically save files such as audio, video, documents, stickers and more.

Well, please note, if these files are stored in large numbers on your mobile phone, it will indirectly slow down the Telegram application.

It is therefore recommended that you only disable this auto-download feature. Method:

1. Please tap on the Telegram app icon More options.

2. Then select the option Order.

3. Then select the settings Data and storage.

Select the Data and Storage menu

4. Disable all options in the field Automatic media download.

Disable auto-download feature

5. Done.

5. Clear Telegram information and cache

The longer Telegram is used, the more data and data you will use Cache Which are accumulated. Well, this can slow down the program.

Therefore, it is recommended to delete the data regularly and Cache This. The method is as follows:

1. Open More options Select in Telegram Order Then select Data and storage.

2. Next, tap Menu Use of storage space.

Options for using storage space

3. Tap the option Clear cache.

4. Statistics will appear later Cache Telegram Please tap Clear cache
To confirm the deletion then wait for the cache notification to appear.

Telegram cache clearance confirmation

5. After that, please return to the settings and storage page. Here, just tap Data usage.

Use of telegram information

6. Then tap the menu Reset statistics.

Telegram statistics reset menu

7. There will be a dialog box, please tap Reset To confirm.

8. Done.

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The final word

With the above 5 methods, your telegram is now back to normal. It no longer feels sluggish or sluggish.

One small point, the above steps should be done periodically. For example, updating apps, deleting chats, cache and more. The course itself can be 2 weeks or once a month.

It may be useful.

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