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Gadgetren – There are several special internet packages that can be an attractive option for when you need a more affordable quota for family members for us Telkomsel service customers.

The dominant red operator offers more or less two internet package options. These include #KuotaKeluarga and Smooa, which are specifically available in collaboration with IndiHome.

With these two Telkomsel data packages, we can manage our costs more intelligently. We can buy internet quota in one bill without having to do it for each number separately.

Apart from that, there are several advantages that are not less interesting, such as the entertainment quota to SMS and telephone, although in this case, it applies differently depending on the Telkomsel family internet package that is activated.

In case you are looking for a special internet package for group or family use, here are some options from two Telkomsel products that you can choose according to your needs.

Row of Telkomsel family internet packages

Package #KuotaKeluarga

ClosedbenefitsPrice (Zone 1 / Zone 2)
Simple20 GB family quota, 5 GB entertainment quota, 30 daysIDR 150,000 / IDR 170,000
DevelopmentFamily quota of 60 GB, entertainment quota of 10 GB, unlimited voice and SMS quota to members, 30 daysIDR 250,000 / IDR 280,000
Final100 GB family quota, 20 GB entertainment quota, unlimited quota for voice and SMS to other members, 30 daysIDR 400,000 / IDR 450,000

#KuotaKeluarga is an online package from Telkomsel that offers two to six prepaid and postpaid numbers (including admins or people who activate the product) at the same time.

The Telkomsel family online package is available on the MyTelkomsel service. It’s just that there is a price difference for each area, depending on the applicable zoning, which includes Zone 1 or Zone 2.

Zone 1 in this case specifically applies to package purchases in Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara. While Area 2 applies to those of us who are in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua, to Maluku.

For each product in the #KuotaKeluarga package, there are several benefits, including family quotas that can be shared on Telkomsel 2G / 3G / 4G network, entertainment quota for access to entertainment services and unlimited calls and text messages with members.

The entertainment quota itself can be used in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Arena of Valor, LINE Let’s Get Rich, Garena Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Shellfire, Langit Musik, Deezer, Spotify, Noice, JOOX, Smule, Gen FM, Prambors FM کرد. Trax FM, iRadio, Hard Rock FM, Brava FM, Cosmopolitan FM, MAXstream, VIU, beIN SPORTS CONNECT, KlikFilm, iflix, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Smoa package

silver15 GB internet quota, free calls and SMS to other members, bonus of 30 minutes of calls and 30 SMS to all operators75000 IDR per month
Gold35 GB internet quota, free calls and SMS with other members, 50 minutes of call bonus and 50 SMS to all operators155,000 IDR per month
Platinum80 GB internet quota, free calls and SMS to other members, bonus of 100 minutes of calls and 100 SMS to all operators280,000 IDR per month
Diamonds200 GB internet quota, free calls and SMS to other members, bonus of 200 minutes of calls and 200 SMS to all operators625000 IDR per month

We who use the IndiHome service can also purchase the Telkomsel family internet package as a monthly extension. The two companies have red license plates due to having a cooperation program called Smooa.

Through this program, we can buy mobile quotas from Telkomsel and become one of IndiHome online home products in a joint payment package. So monthly expenses can be better managed.

The Smooa package itself is valid for three to six issues (including admin). Unfortunately, please note that activation of this IndiHome add-on is only possible by credit customers, even if the membership for Telkomsel is refundable.

Purchasing products from this IndiHome plugin can only be done through the MyIndiHome app or the website page through the browser. So we do not find it directly in Telkomsel services, so we have to do it through the channels provided by Telkomsel.

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