Price of IndiHome package Only internet (Single Play) if you do not need TV and phone

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Header package price is IndiHome Internet only

Gadgetren – IndiHome (Indonesia Digital Home) is one of PT Telkom Indonesia services that offers communication and data service packages including landline, internet and interactive TV.

Although complete, the IndiHome 3P service, which combines the three, increases subscription costs, even though today’s users rarely use landlines to communicate.

In fact, some people do not even watch TV anymore. For this reason, some people feel they prefer the IndiHome Internet package if available.

IndiHome itself has an Internet Only 1P package that can be used. However, IndiHome rarely advertises for the Internet-only package, as subscription prices are much cheaper than 2P (Internet + Telephone), 2P (Internet + Television) and 3P (Internet + Telephone + Television) packages.

IndiHome package price Internet only (single player)

Different packagingPrice
30 Mbps33,000 IDR per month
50 Mbps430,000 IDR per month
100 Mbps790000 IDR per month

It can be seen that the price offered by the Internet Only 1P package is quite attractive, the speed of 30 Mbps is only 330000 Rs, while the highest package with a speed of 100 Mbps is 790000 Rs.

That’s why the internet package can only be said to have high speed at a more affordable price. However, please note that the IndiHome package has a FUP (Fair Use Policy) or Fair Use Restriction.

After the user accesses the Internet with a quota that exceeds the FUP, the Internet speed decreases as a kind of adjustment. Meanwhile, the FUP quota is different for each package, so you should ask IndiHome staff for details before joining the Internet Only 1P package.

The IndiHome Internet Only 1P package is a special package, so you should often visit the nearest Telkom Plaza for direct registration.

Later, when you go to Plasa Telkom, you can ask before subscribing what you will receive from the Internet Only 1P package, such as the FUP quota, various fees and details, so that you know the details before you actually subscribe.

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