Is HP completely dead? This is how to turn on a dead cell phone to turn it on

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For users Smart phonesPerhaps the most troublesome problem of fixing a completely dead HP.

This injury is classified as severe. If you have other problems, at least your cell phone can still be turned on, but it can not be done at all.

Excessively, whether a cheap mobile phone is less than one million or an expensive mobile phone that is worth more than 10 million, all of them will never be safe from the risk of complete death.

All kinds of dead problems on Android phones

There are 4 types of conditions in which HP can be called completely dead or dead. Including the following:

  • HP is off and just shakes when it turns on.
  • HP is off and there is no vibration.
  • HP can not turn on and does not respond, including when charging.
  • HP shakes when turned on, but can still enter Improvement.

So why can HP be in this situation? Here are the reasons:

Causes HP is completely dead

Causes of HP death

Complete damage to a dead HP can be caused by a problem System (software) As well as problems Component (hardware). Some of them:

  • System malfunction, which causes HP to not turn on (only vibrates)
  • HP is very old, usually used for more than 2 years
  • HP is often very hot to use. For example, when playing Games
  • The battery runs out and has no charge at all
  • The HP battery is broken and has no power
  • The HP battery connector has a problem so the cell phone does not get power
  • HP power IC broken
  • Using the wrong charger, such as high voltage
  • HP is exposed to water and damages its components

Different causes, of course, the method of dealing with it is also different. This complete dead damage can also occur on all HP brands such as Oppo, Samsung, Smartfren, Lenovo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Sony, ASUS, Acer and other HP brands.

In fact, a dead cell phone can happen on an iPhone as well.

How to repair a dead HP (whole dead)

I must tell you in advance that we do not always have to go Services. Why?

Since 100% HP cannot be turned on, it is not always caused by component problems. It can also be from the system.

Well, this is where we can fix it ourselves first. Here’s how to turn on a completely dead cell phone.

1. Charge the HP battery first

The first HP charger

If you feel that your cell phone used to be in good condition but then turns off and can not be turned on, your cell phone may have run out of battery.

Under these circumstances, HP does not mean to be damaged, either components or systems.

The problem is insignificant, just because the battery is exhausted. But this happens unnoticed or you may have forgotten to charge it.

This is why this problem causes HP to crash and not turn on again.


  • First, please charge your mobile phone properly first.
  • Wait a few hours for the battery to fully charge.
  • Then turn on HP again.

2. Wear Chargers desktop

سیbattery charger Desktop is a charger specially designed to charge the battery outside Item Mobile.

By wearing Desktop chargerMay be the solution to the problem of a completely dead and non-rechargeable HP.

How to use it:

  1. You can try to open Item First HP
  2. Then remove the battery
  3. Then install the door Desktop charger
  4. Wait for the battery to charge
  5. Then try reconnecting it to your mobile phone.

You can also do this on the internal battery. Not all HP support, though.

3. Test another battery

Test HP using another battery

If your cell phone is completely damaged due to battery damage, this condition is usually caused by a low battery voltage (visible with a multimeter).

Before HP is fully able to turn on, it is usually marked by the first signs.

For example, damage to HP suddenly goes off, but in the past it could still be turned on again.

How to fix this:

  • Of course, the most accurate solution to overcome this problem is to replace the battery directly with a new one.
  • Be sure to replace it with a battery Main Again, so that lasts for a long time.

Or if you just want to make sure it’s first, you can use another HP battery. This can also be a temporary solution, especially if it does not already exist the budget.

4. Flash your Android phone again from your computer or laptop

HP flash again can not be turned on

blinking Rework is a process that has a purpose Android phone system replacement Common problems (usually via PC or laptop).

Honestly, if you want to repair a completely dead HP, then Flash Reset must be tried.

This is because if the cell phone is still detected on the computer, it is likely that the cell phone can still be repaired.

Oh yes, every cell phone has a way Flash Different So, you need certain steps.


  1. Please open first Google the first.
  2. Then enter the keyword “How to flash your HP brandExample: How to flash ASUS Zenfone.
  3. Then, you can follow the method Flash From the search results of existing websites, forums or videos.

5. Delete data and cache files in recovery

I got this method on the site Road mouse. If HP still has signs of life and can enter, it can be done Improvement.

ImprovementIs a control system in Android that we can delete and make changes in the system.

Therefore, to do the deletion (eraser) Data and Cache via ImprovementYou can follow these steps.

  1. In the first step, press the button Power + volume up + volume down Simultaneous
  2. Wait a few moments for the HP to vibrate and move towards it Improvement
  3. Once successful, please search the menu eraser
  4. do Clear the data And Clear Cache
  5. After that, wait for the process to finish
  6. If you have, turn off your HP via Improvement

Next, try turning on your cell phone again. If it is from the system, HP usually responds and returns to normal.

Oh yes, the key combination to Improvement This Android phone is different in each brand. The composition I wrote is the most widely used.

But if not WorkYou can read the article: Try the list of HP Android recovery buttons.

6. Clear the system in recovery

Clear Android system

In fact, this method is still similar to the previous method. This is the only place where we do not do this Clear cacheBut do System cleaner.

For those who do not know, eraser The purpose of this system is to remove the system installed on our mobile phones (as its name implies, eraser = Delete).

The method itself is as follows:

  1. Entered to Improvement Using the combination key
  2. Search menu eraser.
  3. Then select the option Clear the system.
  4. If there is a notification, press YeahThen wait for the process to finish.

Once the HP system is cleared, we can reinstall it here. Installation trick Files Zip containing Hardware ROMs inside it.

This method can be said to be very effective, because its principle is more or less similar to the method wink.

For details, it is best to go to the HP Android User Community Group (depending on the type of mobile phone used), then get the information from there.

For example on Facebook, there are a lot of forums there. Please just search

7. Go to the place Service Or service center

Repair damaged HP

If you still can not, you can think Service To service center. Because if the damage is on the part, the above methods no longer work.

For the type of injury that is often encountered in IC Power.

IC Power This is the part that is responsible for delivering power from the battery to many of the HP components, so if this part is damaged, HP will not respond.

About IC Power Please read the full article in the article: What IC Power Android phones and damage features.

Well, if you take it to a service center, HP components (including IC Power) Is checked, whether it is damaged or not.

If a part is found to be damaged, it can be replaced immediately. It usually takes about 1 to 2 days, depending on the location.

As varies for your expenses. In my experience, the average is 200,000 rupees. Or maybe it’s free, if your cell phone is still under warranty.

Updates: For an overview Service HP, you can read the HP service cost article.

8. If the mobile phone is submerged in water, dry and clean it

There are not a few Android users who experience a dead cell phone that does not turn on after exposure to water. Whether due to leakage, rain or something else.

The reason is the same, that is, in fact, there is still water left in the mobile phone.

How to fix this:

  1. First, dry the water with a cloth Body Mobile
  2. Then try pouring in the rice
  3. Wait about 2 to 3 days

This method has been shown to be effective in draining residual water in HP components and can often repair HP that has been destroyed by water.

However, if it has already been eaten, usually motherboard HP must be replaced. This can be delivered to the service center.


Repairing a dead (completely dead) Android phone is easy and difficult. The damage factor obtained for the odds factor can affect whether HP can return to normal.

The above methods are the methods I usually use to repair completely dead HP. So far, thank goodness I’ve always been successful, so HP turned it on again.

If you have questions, just post them through the comments column below.

It may be useful.

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