How to view recording results (recording) in zoom easily

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that in Meeting Certain things are important, but sometimes we need to record. And fortunately, the zoom itself provides this feature.

the moment Meeting Ongoing, the recording process can be performed by pressing the record / record button icon Round and when finished, recording can be stopped.

So, the question is, where is the recording? This is what I will explain in this article.

How to view zoom recording results

A notification usually appears after stopping zoom recording activity Stop recording.

The recording results are stored in a folder. And if you want to be seen, you have to do it convert the first.

For more details, here is how to view the results Record In zoom:

1. Go to the Zoom folder

Tap File in Zoom

Please open first File Finder the first. Then open Folder documents And search Folder
Zoom in.

After that, find your recording date. For example in this guide that I registered on March 10th. I have to open it later Folder Also on March 10th

2. Select Convert Anyway

Conversion menu anyway

Will appear here Files Zoom in format Zoom recording. Double click Files
That do Conversion Files زوم.

If a notification appears, you can click the button immediately Convert anyway To continue the process.

3. Wait for the conversion process

Zoom conversion process

If so, later Files To be processed directly for conversion Files Films. Please wait a few minutes for the process to complete Conversion done. Oh yes, its length depends on the length of the video you are recording.

4. Check the video zoom results

Check zoom recording results

After successful conversion, you will see here Files
The video is recorded in MP4 format.

file It can be opened with any media player. It can also be transferred to another device if needed.

Oh yes, it’s going on Conversion Sooner or later you will receive two FilesIe video (MP4) and audio (M4A).

How to adjust recording magnification settings

If you often include documentation Meeting When zooming, how Settings This should definitely not be missed.

Because there are several important menus in these settings. Like relocating to put Files Results RecordOptimize video results Record Inside-Edit Etc.

Here is how Settings-Self:

1. Go to zoom settings

Zoom settings icon

First, open the Zoom app on your PC. If so, open the settings by pressing Icon settings In the upper right

Note: Do not forget to update the Zoom app if you have not already done so

2. Select the recording menu

Recording tab options

This is where the zoom settings open. Next, you just need to click on the tab Recording Just to be able to start recording settings in zoom.

3. Start the configuration

Adjust the zoom recorder

Finally, you can adjust the features Record Zoom as desired. It changes well Folder
Add to save zoom result Time stamp Etc.

Here are the settings and descriptions:

Feature nameInformation
Save my recording inWhere zoom stores results RecordIf you want to change, you can click change.
At the end of the session, select a location for the recorded filesAt the end of the session, select the location of the recorded file
Record a separate audio file from each participantAllows you to receive audio recordings of each participant
Optimized for a third-party video editorYour recordings are optimized for correction in the video editor program
Add a timestamp to the recordingadd Time stamp Or time stamp in the recording
Record video while sharing the pageRecord videos while sharing the page or using the features Screen sharing
Paste the video next to the shared pageInsert video to be placed next to the screen during the recording process
Keep temporary recording filesSave temporary recording files

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The final word

Here’s a guide to seeing the results Record Zoom in. Includes a way to set the process Record Execute as desired.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment. Maybe something is not clear.

It may be useful.

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