How to use the Spotlight feature in zoom (PC and HP)

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When you want to hold a seminar, WorkshopYou must use the Spotlight feature when zooming, meeting, or otherwise.

Property Lighting
In zoom, this will have certain benefits later. Because you can set which speakers will be given a special screen to speak during the event.

For those who want to know more about the features Lighting
In zoom and how to use it, I will explain here.

What is the Spotlight feature?

Lighting Zoom is a feature that allows you to do this the host Can select multiple sources to highlight time Meeting.

The point here is to create a specific or wider screen in some sources. So that the participants Meeting Can focus on seeing and listening to some of these resources.

Property Lighting
You can use Zoom on PC or Android version of Zoom. And who can provide access Lighting Only you, as the host and the co-host.

For your information, a number of resources are currently available Lighting Maximum 9 people. Later, all attendees can see 9 sources who are active speakers at the event.

Note: The Spotlight option only appears when the source is on the video or Speaker They.

How to zoom in on a PC

Well, for those of you who do not know what a feature is Lighting
In the zoom and how to use it, I will explain its guide here.

One small tip, make sure you have the Zoom app Updates
To the latest version then make sure you have created meeting room With source people and with participants.

Here’s how to use the features Lighting On the computer zoom:

1. Make sure you are logged in meeting room Zoom in, then click More To be given to one of the participants Lighting.

More button in Zoom

2. There will be several options later, please select Spotlight for everyone.

Spotlight menu for everyone

3. Click Continue
To continue the process Lighting.

4. The participant will receive a notification later, please tap To shout
To create sound

Confirm Spotlight at zoom

5. Then as the host, please click Remove Spotlight If you want to remove the focus from certain sources.

Highlight the zoom stop speaker

5. Done.

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How to spotlight in Android zoom

In addition to PC Zoom, features Lighting Also now available in Android Zoom.

The method is more or less the same. As long as the participant who wants to be the source has turned on the camera or speaker.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Make sure you create meeting room In Zoom, then tap the tab participants.

Select the Participants tab in Zoom

2. Find and tap participant That you want to provide features Lighting.

3. Several menus will appear later, please select one option Video focus.

Tap Video Zoom Spotlight Options

4. Participants will then receive a notification Lighting. Please click the button Mute myself To turn on the speakers

Accept the Zoom Spotlight request

5. Done.

In Android Zoom, you can also access Remove Spotlight so that resources are not in the spotlight.

The final word

As a result, features Lighting In Zoom 1 to 9 participants will be highlighted who will be active speakers on the site meeting room.

This feature is certainly important for building resources that we can focus on. If we are, it is appropriate Meeting With a lot of people

If you as the host Busy, you can also add a shared host in Zoom and ask that shared host to arrange Lighting The method is more or less the same according to the needs.

If anyone wants to ask, please write it in the comments column.

It may be useful.

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