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You can now easily listen to music in a variety of ways Platform. This application is called music player in Google Play Store.

One of these programs is Joox Music Player. With the Joox app you will be able to easily listen to music, karaoke and even podcasts.

Curious about Joox and want to know how to use it? I will explain in full here.

What is Jokes?

Joox is one of the most widely used music players in Indonesia. The name Joox is actually derived from the word “Jukebox” meaning automatic music player.

In Joox, not only can you easily search and listen to songs. But there are also some interesting features, such as podcasts, karaoke, Recommend playlists and others.

Additionally, this app currently supports Joox Multiple platforms. It can be used through HP (iOS and Android), PC (Windows & MacOS) and directly from the official website.

How to use Joox

If you’re used to using other music players like Spotify, you should not be confused when you try Joox. Here’s how to use it:

1. How to register a Joox account

If you are a new Joox user, the first step is to register an account first. Here you need a mobile number and an active email.

Here’s how to register a Joox account:

1. First, open the Joox application.

2. How to register a Joox account, for example here I choose through E-mail.

3. Enter an active email and tap the button Next.

4. If you have one, enter your username and password and tap Enter.

5. Next, check and confirm your email until a notification like the one below appears.

Joox Email Verification

6. Return to the Joox program and tap the button Already verified? Log in now.

Successful example of Jokes approval

7. Find a number of favorite artists to introduce to the home page.

8. Select Favorite genre Also if needed

9. If you have, you will be redirected directly to the page later Dashboard Users as follows

Joox application account dashboard

10. Done.

2. Search for songs

At Joox, there are actually song recommendations based on your favorite artists and genres. Of course, you can also search for other songs if you wish. Here is how:

1. Tap on the Search tab taskbar Jokes

2. Then type the name of the artist as desired and tap to select it.

Search for the artist's name in Joox


In addition to artist names, you can also search for song and album names in the Joox search feature.

3. The next songs from the artist you want will appear. If you want to listen to it first, you can tap one of the songs.

Select the Joox song

4. Done.

3. Add it to the playlist

Joox has features Playlists. With this feature, you can add different titles of your favorite songs to play automatically.

Here’s how to add a song to it Playlists:

1. Tap the tab Library
that in taskbar Jokes

2. Then select the menu Add to playlist.

Tap Add to Joox Playlist

3. Type the name of the desired playlist and tap done.

4. Then tap the button Add songs.

5. Find the song you want to add to the playlist. For example here I select a song from Joox’s recommendation Top 100 Indonesia.

Joox playlist songs

6. Select and tap your favorite song done.

7. The selected song will appear in the section later Playlists Jokes done.

4. Display lyrics

One of the cool things about Joox is the ability to display lyrics. So if you do not keep it, you do not have to Browsing Again. Just open this feature. Here is how:

1. First select the song whose lyrics you want to see.

2. Then tap the column song lyrics Little in Dashboard Music

Column lyrics in Joox

3. Later this column expands and displays all the lyrics of the music being played.

4. Done.

5. Change song mode

Change mode in Joox

In addition to the ability to display the lyrics, in Joox you can also change the mode to your liking. The trick is that you just have to tap icon Modes are at the bottom.

There are currently 3 song modes in Joox that you can try:

  • Random play mode
  • A play mode
  • Playback mode

The final word

My discussion here is especially for those of you who are new to Joox. Of course, there are other features that you can try.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Then adjust it to your needs.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments column.

It may be useful.

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