How to share a page on the Discord audio channel for beginners

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Many do not know, not just the program MeetingDiscord also has features to do Page sharing.

Difference, Page sharing Discord is often used to do Live
From the game you want to play.

So later, friends who are on the same server and join the game at the same time can see your gameplay. Audio channel
The same one

Well, to do Page sharing It’s not hard here I will explain if you do not know how.

How to share the screen in Discord

do Page sharingOf course, we have to have something or join it Server the first.

On the server, you will see later Audio channel. Well, at Audio channel
This is what you can do Page sharing.

1. Create a server

Discord Server Verification

First make sure you have Server Or have already joined A. Server. I have explained how to use Discord in this article.

2. Create an audio channel

Example of Discord audio channel

if there is ServerThen you have to join it Audio channel. as we know, Audio channel This is a place where we can chat with friends.

Well, at Audio channel That we can do Page sharing Next. If you are the owner Server، Audio channel
Can be created by pressing a button add
In the left column then enter Channel name Whatever your love.

Also if you are not the owner ChannelYou can ask the admin directly to build it Channel the new.

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3. Configure Share Screen

after Channel
Created, please Channel
If you have, you can set it up immediately Page sharing. The method is as follows:

1. Please click the button screen.

2. Then select the application you want share.

Select Share Screen Discord

3. Select Stream KwalityIt is recommended to choose Softer video So no Delay. To Clarity
And Frame rate Can be adjusted as needed.

4. If you have, please click the button Live.

Page difference sharing settings

4. Start the Share Screen game

Start playing Discord Share Screen

After completing all the above steps, you can do this here Page sharing. The game or application you want share Appears on the Discord screen as shown above.

You can also change apps or games without having to close them Page sharing the first. That is, by searching the settings menu Page sharing And change the application or game to your liking.

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How to share a Discord page without delay

The most common problems occur when doing work Page sharing It happens Delay
Well on your PC or mobile, there are several solutions to this particular problem that you can try:

1. Reduce running programs

Every app or game, of course, will have References
Good separate memory, for those who do not know, when you open the game and then share it on Discord, References Used will be larger.

For that, if it happens DelayPlease only reduce running programs. This is usually a problem Delay Will be solved.

2. Make sure the internet is running smoothly

Apart from attention References Memory, you should also make sure that an internet connection is used.

Because if the internet connection you are using has a problem, this can also cause problems Delay.

3. Restart the Discord app

If you still feel DelayYou can try restart Discord program. For this way restartYou just have to close the Discord app.

Then open Discord again and try the test again Page sharing. Sometimes this can help.

The final word

This is the training you need to do Page sharing In Discord. Including ways to overcome if Page sharing
Feels delayed

If you are used to Discord and have a question about this discussion, please leave a comment below.

It may be useful.

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