How to send video to Google Classroom for beginners

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When it comes to online classroom features, Google Classroom is perfect. Not only that, Platform It is also easy to use.

In the Classroom, in addition to regular classes, there is also the ability to send documents. Such as PDF, Word and the like that can be used to support lessons.

Well, in addition to documents, Classroom also allows users to upload video files. For example, such as video lessons.

How to send video in Google Classroom

For those who do not know how to send a video, it is more or less like when you send a regular document.

If you are still confused, I will explain the steps in this article. Especially through HP.

1. Unlock class work

In the first step, you must first open a task in class. Also, make sure that the video is tailored to the needs of the class.

Here’s how to open a classroom job in Classroom:

1. Please open the Google Classroom app.

2. Then select the class that is responsible for submitting the video.

The first free class in the classroom

3. After entering the class, find the homework and tap on it.

Unlock class assignments

You will be redirected to the worksheet later. There you can see the job description and also make sure that the video that was made is appropriate.

2. Search for homework videos

Next you need to search for the video of the work stored on the device. You can search for it through the gallery or storage that you access through Google Classroom.

For more details, read:

1. On the worksheet, please tap the button Add Task.

2. Multiple options will appear, select Upload.

Select the upload option in Google Classroom

3. Then the HP memory opens, find the folder and the video file you want to download.Upload.

Select a video to send to the classroom

This video is special if the video is pre-made. If not, you can record video directly. Or you can get the video via Google Drive.

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3. Upload videos to Google Classroom

The last time you stayed Upload Only video in Google Classroom. It can then be checked by the teacher who did the homework.

Proceed, follow the steps below:

1. After the homework video has successfully appeared in Classroom, please press the button Deliver it.

2. A notification message will appear later, you can select Deliver it To confirm.

Confirm video upload in Google Classroom

3. Wait a few moments for the video to upload successfully.

4. After uploading, this video assignment will appear at the bottom of the page.

An example of a successful video upload to Google Classroom

5. Done.

You can now upload videos to Google Classroom. If there is a task to send other types of files such as images, you can also use this method.

Terms of the submitted video

Because the video you send will be sent directly to Google Drive, but not all types Files Can succeedUpload.

There are certain conditions that must be observed when sending a video. Here are the conditions:

  • be sure Files the video-Upload Not Corrupt
  • Use supported formats such as WebM, MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. It is recommended to use MP4.
  • When sending a video, make sure the internet connection is smooth.

A little more, if the video format you have is not supported, you can Conversion the video.

For the MP4 recommendation above, the goal is to make it easy to play if your teacher wants to save the homework video.

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The final word

Here are some ways to send video to Google Classroom. This method is explained by HP, to go through the computer is more or less the same.

Because Classroom HP and PC (via browser) Certainly not too far away. So it needs at least a little adjustment.

It may be useful.

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