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Redmi 4 Prime Speaker Repair – Smartphones are now a must-have item to carry at all times, including as an audio device in which many smartphones are fully equipped with a sound system. The smartphone speaker is very small and compact due to the limited space that must be used in the body of the smartphone. However, this does not mean that smartphone speakers are insignificant. For example when The speaker of the Redmi 4 Prime smartphone has a problemThere must be a way to fix it.

The speakerphone problem in Redmi 4 Prime is locked when playing music and mobile phones. When you are in such a situation, users of this smartphone often complain because the sound coming out of the Redmi 4 Prime speakers makes it crack, crisp, broken and slow.

At first it was thought that the Redmi 4 Prime speaker hardware was not good or had problems. But after further investigation, the problem with the dark speakers in the Redmi 4 Prime is more due to a bug that has appeared in the firmware used by the Xiaomi phone. Of course, this is a complete relief because if the hardware has a problem, the cost of repairs will be higher.

How to overcome cracked Redmi 4 Prime speaker?

Then how to solve the speaker problem on the sticky Redmi 4 Prime smartphone ?, the method is very easy, that is, by patching the sound settings with the Audio_effects.config file so that the sound of the speakers becomes clear again. Let’s see how it goes:

Before patching the speaker, make sure that the following are observed:
1. Make sure the Redmi 4 Prime smartphone is rooted.
2. Download SoundFX from this link or mirror this link.
3. Download Audio_effects.config in this link or mirror this link.
4. Download Root Explorer in the Play Store or you can use another file manager that can access root.

Now let’s move on to tips on how to repair the Redmi 4 Prime speaker to turn it on again.

Step 1. First make a backup of the SoundFX folder in the “/ system / lib” folder, copy the SoundFX folder and move it to a safe or backup location. Use Root explorer or other similar programs that can be used to access the folder.
Step 2. Also back up the Audio_effects.config file in the “/ system / etc” folder. Then change the permissions from Mount R / O to R / W using the Root explorer app or something similar.
Step 3. After completing the backup process, now delete the SoundFX folder in the “/ system / lib” folder and the Audio_effects.config file in the “/ system / etc” folder.
Step 4. Extract the previously downloaded SoundFX file, then copy the extracted folder to the “/ system / lib” directory.
Step 5. Using Root Explorer, change the permissions of the SoundFX folder to rwxr-xr-x.
Step 6. Now go to the SoundFX folder to change the permissions of all the files in it to rw-rr -.
Step 7. Now proceed by copying the downloaded audio_effects.config file to your phone’s “/ system / etc” directory.
Step 8. Now change the audio_effects.config license to rw-r – r–.
Step 9. Now delete the audio_effects.config file in the “/ system / vendor / etc” directory. Also delete the SoundFX folder in the “/ system / vendor / lib” directory.
Step 10. Now the copy and paste process is complete, to confirm that the configuration file we changed above can be used by Redmi 4 prime, you must first reboot the phone.

When the reboot process is complete, the sound of the Redmi 4 Prime speaker is played again clearly and without crack. From a short tutorial How to repair Redmi 4 Prime speaker sound Above, we can learn that not all problems are due to the phone hardware. To do this, we must be patient and try to do the operating system update process, or through the flash fast boot process, recover the flash ROM, and the easiest way is to patch the configuration file like the problem with this speaker.

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