How to make a breakout room in zoom and use it

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in order to MeetingThe facilities available in Zoom can be said to be very complete. One of them is presence Escape Room.

existence Escape Room Zoom later helps the committee or host create a special room for participants in a meeting. Of course, this feature will be very useful for meetings or the learning process.

For those of you who are curious to use the features BreakHere I explain the steps.

What is a breakout room in zoom?

Before we continue, let’s talk a little more about that Break room In zoom

For those who do not know, Escape Room on Zoom is a feature that works to create space Meeting Additional (maximum 50 room).

Each room Meeting
In this case, subsequent participants can be added who have already done so Join In a zoom session, once a participant enters, their video and audio no longer appear in the room Meeting Main

How to build a breakout room in zoom

Property Escape Room Zoom does not appear in the default settings. So first you have to raise it to be able to use this feature.

Well, here I will explain all the steps.

1. Enable Breakout Room Zoom

To enable the feature Break
room In Zoom, we can first visit the official Zoom website. Because the settings themselves are only there. Here’s how to enable it:

1. First please visit the Zoom site, then click on the menu log in And Enter Use your personal account

Login to US Zoom account

2. In the next step, please click on the tab Settings.

Select the zoom settings menu

3. Then click the option In session (advanced)Enable Breakout room And check the option Let the host spread the message to the participants.

In Zoom, enable the Breakout Room

2. Create a breakout room

After features Escape Room To be activated, your next step should be to create a room. At this stage you can build up to 50 later Escape Room. The method is as follows:

1. Open the Zoom app on your PC and click New meeting.

2. Then click
Breakout rooms.

Select the Breakout Rooms menu

3. Enter the value Breakout room Select as you wish and an option Assign manually
To set participants to enter the room manually.

Add participants to the breakout room

4. Click the button Create
To build it

At the time of construction Escape Room Above, you will see 3 options that have different functions. Here is the explanation:

Option nameInformation
Assign automaticallyParticipants to Escape Room Automatically (automatically selected) by accident)
Assign manuallyParticipants to Escape Room Manually or the host You can choose it to your liking
Let the participant choose the roomAllows participants to choose their input Escape Room Whichever suits them

3. Add participants

If you follow the steps above or select the option Assign manually, The next step to be done is to add participants. It’s like this:

1. Click Assign
In one of the rooms

2. My sample clicks Assign in room 5There will be a participant name, please check it.

Set up a breakout room

3. After adding participants, please click the button Open all rooms To confirm.

Click Open All Rooms

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4. Join the breakout room (participants)

Membership menu in Breakout Room

Here is the participant you added Escape Room Receives notifications as shown above.

Participants will select the button later Join So you can join it Escape Room را

After pressing Join, participants will be directed to a room that suits you or the host
Enter sooner

Note: Property Escape Room This is only available for the desktop version of Zoom. In the case of zooming in on HP, you can only Join the failure room
Of course, I can not do it.

How many breakout rooms can be built?

Based on zoom information, Escape Room It can be built up to 50 rooms. In the case of participants, 200 to 500 people can be filled participant
Depending on the amount Escape Room را

Here are the details:

Number of breakout roomsMaximum number of participants in each scattered room
50 breakout roomsMaximum 200 participants
30 breakout roomsMaximum 400 participants
20 breakout roomsMaximum 500 participants

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The final word

Well, that’s how it is made Escape Room Zoom in from how to enable it to add participants to join room That are desired.

If there is something that is not yet understood, you can send a question through the comments column below.

It may be useful.

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