How to install Securite glass yourself to get good results

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If you want your mobile phone to be safer, for example against falling, etc., using Securite glass itself can be an option.

This is because Securite glass, in addition to being safer than regular scratches, is durable. Can be used for years.

In general, Securite glass can be installed directly by the seller on our mobile phone. Unless you really want to install Securit glass yourself.

But as we know, when you install it yourself, sometimes the dough results are not optimal. Regardless of the HP screen, there is still dust, Heated glass Bubble or something

How to install Securite glass correctly

Most people when installing Heated glassInstalls it directly without any prior preparation.

Although this preparation is certainly very important. So that the installation results can be regular and good.

Well, here is how to install Heated glass Properly:

  1. First prepare the Securit glass.
  2. Usually when UnboxingYou will receive wet and dry wipes.
  3. Open the wipe and gently wipe the HP screen.
  4. If so, please open a dry towel and wipe the screen to dry.
  5. Then hold it next to the Securit glass and please remove the seal.
  6. Then gently attach the Securite glass to the screen of the mobile phone and adjust its position correctly.
  7. Finally, please press the Securite glass to install it properly.
  8. done.

It is strongly recommended that you do not take it inside Heated glass This may cause dust, oil or other dirt that may be on your hands before installation. Heated glass را

Tips on installing Securite glass

Securit glass installation tips

For those of you who want to install Heated glass For yourself, there are tips you can try to maximize installation results.

1. Find a clean installation location

First of all, when you want to install, it is highly recommended to find a clean place Heated glass.

This is so that after cleaning, dirt such as dust will not stick to your mobile screen.

2. Clean your hands first

Before installation Heated glassYou need to make sure your hands are clean.

Heated glass This is certainly very sensitive to dirt. If your hands are dirty, they will usually leave marks later.

Also make sure that you do not leave any dirty effect on the Securit glass adhesive. Because the dirt is difficult to clean later.

3. Use a dust absorber

in part Heated glassUsually you do not just wet and dry wipes. But it will also receive a dust absorber.

Function Dust absorber This is to remove dirt that is firmly attached to your cell phone screen or is difficult to clean.

In addition, you can also use Help tag Which is usually packaged with Dust absorber. So you can install Heated glass with more precision

4. Make sure the HP screen is clean

Next you need to make sure the HP screen is completely clean before pairing Heated glass.

If you see fingerprints or dust again, please clean it first. If it is really clean, you can pair it immediately Heated glass slowly

5. Use quality glass

Last tip, you can use Heated glass With qualities if you are really looking for good results.

In addition, you should pay attention to its features Heated glass Which will be used. Because each Heated glass They usually have different characteristics.

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The final word

Here is the installation guide Heated glass Alone in the HP installation process Heated glass This is actually a bit difficult because you have to be careful.

Preparation should also be maximal. If you really do not want bubbles or dirt to stick to it Heated glass.

It may be useful.

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