How to date in SnapChat (local and abroad)

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SnapChat features are not limited to sending messages in the form of photos and videos. But there are many other interesting features.

One of these features is adding friends. Similar to Instagram, Facebook and the like.

Not only Indonesia, we can make friends with foreigners through SnapChat. Well, if you want to try to find foreign friends in SnackFat, I will explain here.

How to date in SnapChat

One way to find external friends in SnapChat is to use this feature Add a call.

Later you just have to type the friend’s name in the SnapChat search feature. Here is a more detailed guide:

1. Tap Search Feature

Tap Search Menu

First step, please open the SnapChat app first. Also make sure you are logged in to your SnapChat account.

If you are already on the SnapChat home screen, you can tap directly icon search To start making new friends

2. Enter a friend’s name

Select friends in SnapChat

Next, you can enter your friend’s name. For example, here I want to find a friend named Arnold, so I just have to type that name.

Select the contact you want to add as a friend in SnapChat.

3. Add friends to SnapChat contacts

Add Friend button

You will be redirected to a foreign friend’s profile page later. Please tap the button Add friends Add them as friends to your SnapChat contacts.

When adding a friend, make sure that person is still active in SnapChat. One of the features is that there is Story that in-Updates recently.

4. A sample of friends abroad was successfully added

SnapChat's friendship profile was confirmed

After submitting the request to add friends, you just have to wait for the request to be approved.

If confirmed, it will look more or less like the image above. The date you started your friendship with that person will appear later.

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Easy Tips to Make Friends Abroad

Log in to SnapChat

If you’re looking for friends abroad on SnapChat, there are some things you might want to try. These tips are great for adding connections.

1. Log in to SnapChat

You can first log in to the SnapChat community. In general, you can find this SnapChat forum in various places PlatformStarting with Facebook, Kaskus, Quora and others.

Well, in this forum, you can join. Then, if appropriate, just add a friend.

Sometimes there are people in the community who share profiles link They. link
You can click on it to go to that person’s profile.

2. Search on social networks

If you do not want to join the SnapChat community, you can also find foreign friends through social media such as Instagram.

Just search it on Instagram search, Hashtags
SnapChat There you can find people who are really looking for new friends in SnapChat.

3. Find friends who have SnapChat stories

Finally you can find the friends they have Story
As I mentioned before.

If SnapChat users have not done so in a long time Updates
StoryMost likely they are no longer actively using Snapchat.

On the other hand, if Story Recently updated, then that person is still on SnapChat. And will most likely approve your friend’s request.

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The final word

The point is to find a friend in SnapChat, we just have to type user name
Or just the username in the search.

This is my tutorial specifically for finding friends abroad. But of course this also applies to Indonesians.

It may be useful.

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