How to create a timeline in Google Classroom (with options)

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In addition to the ability to create classes and assignments individually, OnlineYou can also use Google Classroom for student attendance.

The interesting thing is that you can adjust the presence of students to your liking. One of them is setting a deadline to complete the absence.

With a direct presence in the Google Classroom, we will no longer need to use it Platform Other.

For those who want to try, I will explain the complete guide in this article.

How to create a timeline in Google Classroom

How to make an absence can be done via PC or mobile phone. Especially in this article, I will explain the guide to using a mobile phone (using an application) to make it easier.

The steps are not more or less difficult. Just like creating a regular task in Google Classroom.

Please just follow the guide below:

1. Create a topic in the class

You must first create a topic in the class. This topic is used for group assignments, questions and tests.

Well, later this presence and absence can be placed in the topic that will be created. For example, there are several topics, you can be present in some of these topics.

1. Open Google Classroom first.

2. Then tap the tab class work.

3. Continue tapping icon In addition.

Option to add in Classroom

4. Multiple options will appear, select Topic.

Create a new topic in the class

5. Name the subject as desired and tap add.

Option to add a new topic

The topic you created will then appear in the class.

2. Create questions for attendance

Next, you can create questions that will be arranged for the student to attend later. The method is as follows:

1. On the Classwork tab, you can tap icon
In addition.

Add menu in Google Classroom

2. Then several options will appear.

3. Select the option here Question.

Create a new question in the classroom

You will be redirected to a page later to create a question or query.

3. Configure attendance

After creating the question, at this point you just need to launch the Google Form so that it can be a student presence.

The method can be said to be easy. You just change the question option to Multiple option. This option will be used later as an absence.

Here is how:

1. Please fill in first Question
Whatever your love. Since it is used as attendance, it is enough to fill in the question column to describe the attendance.

2. After that, fill the column Instructions
About how to fill the absence

Fill out questions and instructions in the Google Classroom

3. Then for PointsPlease set to option Not rated.

4. Then adjust Deadlines
Whatever your love.

5. In the Topic column you can select a theme that has already been created.

Set attendance form

6. Next select the option Multiple options.

7. Fill in some attendance options like the following example:

Change to multiple choice

8. When done, tap icon submit
in the top

Up to this point, you have successfully created an absence in the Classroom.

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4. Try to be absent

Try to fill in class absences

Finally, you can try to avoid the presence of previously created students. The way you live Enter Just be a student and make sure you join the same class.

After that, look for the student presence that has been created. Then try to fill in the attendance test.

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The final word

This is a guide to how to stay in Google Classroom. Attendance is based on standards.

If there is something you want to change, you just have to re-adjust it to your wants and needs.

If there is something you do not understand from the guide described above, please post a question via the comments column below.

It may be useful.

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