How to complete BNI TapCash so that inventory is always replenished when needed

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How to charge the BNI TapCash tab

Gadgetren – BNI, which does not want to lag behind other banks in Indonesia, also offers an electronic money or electronic money card called BNI TapCash.

BNI TapCash can also be used for Commuter Line, MRT, TransJakarta buses, mini-markets (Alfamart, Indomaret, Alfamidi, Circle K, etc.), toll gates, etc.

Meanwhile, the maximum BNI TapCash balance can only be charged up to Rs 2,000,000 and has no expiration date. It is also easy to fill because it can be done through ATMs, mini-markets, e-commerce and the BNI mobile banking app.

How to charge BNI TapCash


  1. Make sure you are a BNI customer and have a BNI ATM card
  2. Visit BNI ATM the closest
  3. Insert the card to BNI ATM And select Language They want to use
  4. Entrance BNI PIN Card
  5. Next, select the menu BNI TapCash
  6. Select the menu Refill the TapCash BNI card
  7. Place the BNI TapCash card on it Singer Logo label TapCash At the ATM
  8. Define Nominal inventory That you want to fill
  9. Select saving And stick the card again BNI TapCash Tap on the reader at the ATM
  10. After the transaction is successful, you will see that the BNI TapCash card balance has been updated

Via BNI Mobile Banking

  1. Open the BNI Mobile Banking app and log in to your BNI customer account
  2. On the Home screen, select Shopping Menu and select an option Charge TapCash
  3. Specify a BNI account to top up your BNI TapCash Balance, Services, Short Name and 16-digit card number.
  4. Define Nominal inventory And press the button continue
  5. Insert Transaction password
  6. Upon completion, the program will show successful payment verification

Via BNI TapCash Go

  1. Enable NFC feature on mobile
  2. Once the inventory refill process is successful, you can open the app BNI TapCash Go
  3. Stick the card on the back of the cell phone
  4. After the bill and card number appear, press the button Inventory updates
  5. If successful, a notification will appear the balance Updated
  6. Press the button Return To go to the home screen
  7. You will be shown later that the BNI TapCash balance has increased

However, if you do not have a BNI account at all, you can use third-party services, such as filing through Tokopedia e-commerce.

Via Tokopedia

  1. Enable NFC feature on mobile
  2. Open the app توکوپدیا And Login to account
  3. Stick the card on the back of the cell phone
  4. On the page Check the alignment Appears later in Tokopedia TapCash BNI Card Number And Remaining inventory
  5. Press the button Charge now
    TapCash Tokopedia Part1
  6. On the page Electronic money, Make sure the TapCash BNI card number is correct
  7. Select the name to be filled in and press the button continue
  8. On the page Check, Click the button Choose payment
  9. Select Payment Method And press the button the payment
  10. After the transaction is successful, re-insert the TapCash BNI card to replenish the balance
  11. Finally, Tokopedia displays the latest inventory
    TapCash Tokopedia Part2

It should be noted that Tokopedia receives a fee of 1500 IDR per transaction to replenish the BNI TapCash balance. However, due to the fact that the payment methods offered by Tokopedia are very diverse, from digital wallets, instant debt, credit cards, virtual bank account transfers, bank transfers, instant payments, PayLater to cash in retail stores , no problem.

But if you really do not have a BNI account and a mobile phone with NFC support, you might want to try it at the nearest supermarket that supports TapCash charging, such as FamilyMart, Alfamart, AlfaMidi and more.

Charging in the supermarket is also very easy, where you just have to go to the checkout and ask the cashier to top up your BNI TapCash balance using your existing EDC device.

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