How to check the type of OPPO phone that you use quickly and easily

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How to check OPPO mobile header type

Gadgetren – Sometimes when you buy an OPPO mobile phone, you wonder if the type or model of device you bought matches the name on the cart.

You may be afraid of being deceived by the seller, who sometimes gives you a cell phone different from the series listed on the box. In addition, knowing the type used will help you to one day learn more about mobile phones.

Fortunately, you can easily check your OPPO cell phone in a variety of ways, from the settings menu, third-party apps, secret codes, and more.

How to check the OPPO mobile type

Through settings

  1. Access the application Settings On the OPPO phone
  2. Select the menu About the phone
  3. You will be shown immediately Type And Model OPPO mobile phone clearly

Check the OPPO settings type

In addition to information about the type and model of mobile phones, you can see the operating system version, firmware version, chipset series and brand, RAM capacity, internal memory capacity to adjust the RAM Expansion capability on the About Phone page.

In my opinion, for information on the type of OPPO mobile phone, it is enough to refer to the About Phone section. But if you want to be more confident through other sources, you can also use the AIDA64 app.

Through the AIDA64 program

  1. Download and install the AIDA64 app from the Google Play Store
  2. After installing on OPPO phone, open the application
  3. On the page Main, Select Menu System
  4. You will find the name later Type And Model Owned by OPPO

Check the OPPO AIDA64 mobile type

Not only for mobile type information, you can use AIDA64 to view more detailed information such as chipset used, total RAM remaining, internal memory, battery capacity, display, camera and more.

Using one of the above methods, you can clearly know the type and model of OPPO mobile phone you currently have. In addition, both methods show accurate information.

OPPO-Reno7-5G- with box

After looking directly at the type via mobile phone, you can also see the type and model of OPPO mobile phone, which usually appears on the edge or bottom of the box of the sales package.

Also, if you use code * # 6776 # In the Phone or Phone app, you can view the model or type along with the operating system version, factory version, and other information.

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