Google Play publishes application data security information feature

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Gadgetren – Security and privacy of user data has now become an important focus, especially for users who use devices and connect to the Internet every day, both in communication and in the use of applications.

Therefore, in order to improve its services, Google has officially launched the latest feature in the Google Play Store in the form of data security, which can already be used by Android mobile users.

However, under the supervision of the Gadgetren team, the Data Security Section feature is not yet available to Indonesian users in the Google Play Store.

This is because the shared information and data collected on the app page in the Google Play Store that the Gadgetren team opened when writing this article on Android devices did not appear. Most likely, this feature will be released gradually.

Despite this feature, there are several benefits that can be felt by developers and users. From the developer, they can clearly specify what data is collected and what it is used for.

Meanwhile, the user can see if the application needs to use certain data or if data collection is optional. For clarity and precision, Google also explains what developers can display in data security.
Google-App-Privacy-Data-Security-ReleaseOne is whether developers collect data and for what purpose, whether developers share data with third parties, and how to implement application security, such as data encryption during transfer, and whether users can request the deletion of data. Have.

Then whether the app is committed to following Google Play policies to protect children, and whether the developer has approved their security measures using global security standards.

Susan Freey, vice president of product, security and privacy for Android, said the data security feature is one of the steps used to provide users with more information on how to collect, share and secure app data to keep users and the Android ecosystem safe. . .

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