Google offers the Delete Personally Identifiable Information feature in Google Search

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Gadgetren – In addition to providing the Application Data Security Information feature through Google Play, Google has launched another new feature in the form of a feature to remove personally identifiable information in Google search.

The feature of deleting personally identifiable information allows users to have complete control over their sensitive information or personal identification that is circulating on the Internet.

As a global search policy leader, Michelle Chang revealed that this feature will be useful for users who want to remove sensitive personal information in a Google search, such as certain cases that link personal data to bank account or credit card numbers that can be accessed by irresponsible individuals. it will be exploited. Cast.

“In addition to bank account or credit card information, users can request the removal of other types of information, such as personal contact information such as phone number, email address or physical address,” he wrote.

In addition, personal information that can be requested for deletion includes confidential government-issued identification numbers such as population identification numbers, tax numbers, signature signature images, identity document images, medical records, and login data.

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Go to Google Support to submit a user removal request. Michelle went on to say that requesting the removal of personal information prevents unwanted incidents such as money fraud, data theft, account theft and other criminal acts on the Internet that could lead to physical violence.

In the future, Google will evaluate all web page content to ensure that it does not restrict the availability of other user-held information that is widely available to the public, such as news articles.

Google will also evaluate whether the content appears as part of public records on government sites or other official sources that cannot be removed through this feature.

Personal identity deletion feature is a new method that Google has introduced to ensure that policies and public protections are constantly changing and easy to use.

In addition to the update, Google has recently released a new policy that allows users under the age of 18 through their parents or guardians to request that their images be removed from Google Search.

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