Easy ways to relocate server (area) in Discord

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Different from the program to chat Discord, on the other hand, has features that are completely unique and interesting.

One of these features is the ability to create a server that is more or less similar to a group.

You can configure this server according to your needs. One of them is substitution Area To a specific country

What is a curious server? Area? How to change it? This is what I will discuss.

Server area performance in Discord

First, let’s talk more about what it is Server In Discord. in a simple word, Server This Discord acts as a chat room or as a group in the app to chat

For example, suppose you have a team to play Valorant. Then you can fix it Server Invite yourself and invite your mabar friends to join.

Well, through Server
By doing this, you can later communicate with the available audio channels while playing Valorant. Server Which was previously made

While for Server area It is the settings themselves that we can determine the location Server It is located. For example in Asia, Europe and so on.

Server areas It is generally regulated in the country where we live. For Indonesia, of course, we have to choose Asia.

How to change the Discord server area

For those who do not know, settings Server area It usually appears when Server Newly created and customizable as needed.

For those who use Discord often, you may have problems somewhere Voice talk Feels broken with your friends

Apart from problems Microphone And connections, one way to solve this problem, is to change it Server area.

Well, here’s how to change the settings again Server area :

1. Press Server Discord

Press Menu General Discord

First, make sure you have the app open Disagreement the first. If so, please search Server That you have and press General In audio channels

2. Select the Region Override option

Tap Region Override Discord

You will be redirected to the page later Channel settings. So you can change Server areaYou have to tap the menu Cancel area.

3. Change the Discord server

Choose another country for dispute

Then some will appear Server other countries. You can change and try Area
Other. For example in this guide, I changed Area At first Automatically
To Japan.

4. Save changes

Save area changes

Finally, you just have to save the changes. How to save it, just press icon Save that at the bottom.

Then try logging in to Join Voice again to test it. If it is still broken, you can replace it Area Another in the same way as above

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How to delete servers in Discord

Apart from switching
Area-You can also delete Server used. Then you can join Server Owned by a friend or rebuilt

For how to delete
Server Discord, you can check below:

1. Enter the server settings

First you need to go to settings Server the first. If you want to log in faster, you can follow these steps:

1. Press Servers
Who own.

Press the server menu

2. Wait a moment.

3. Tap the option More options.

Select more Discord options

2. Select Settings

Enter the Discord settings

Later related dialog box Server You will appear on the screen. At this point you just have to tap the menu Settings.

3. Delete the server

You will then be taken to the server settings. Here you can start deleting Server
Property dispute


1. Tap icon More options.

2. Select Delete the server.

Select Delete Server

3. If a dialog box appears, please tap the button Delete To confirm the deletion Server.

Confirm Delete Server Discord

4. Done.

After removal ServerYou can fix Server Early again is usually a problem Delay Or Discord crashes are fixed. As long as your internet connection is not a problem.

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The final word

Well, this is how it can be changed Server area Disagreement includes a way to remove Server In Discord.

If you have any questions, please raise the issue in the comments column.

It may be useful.

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