Easy ways to change the language on Netflix as you wish

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Netflix is ​​widely used for needs current
The movie can be said to be not only the full movie, but also Netflix up to date.

Netflix itself has a variety of features. One of them is that it allows you to change the display language Subtitle
On film

Well, few new Netflix users are unaware of this feature. Few also have difficulty setting the language. For that, here I will explain the guide.

How to change the Netflix language

By Assumption, Netflix uses English on its screen. If you are not used to English, you can change it to Indonesian through the settings.

Or you can set it yourself later. Because besides Indonesian, there are actually many other languages.

Given that Netflix currently supports more than 30 languages. Here’s how to change languages ​​on Netflix:

1. Sign in to your Netflix account

First, please go to the Netflix site and go to the login page. After that please log in E-mailAnd your Netflix account password. If so, click the button Enter.

2. Go to account settings

Netflix settings

In the next step, you must first enter the account settings. How to click icon Specifications
And click Options Account.

3. Select the menu language

Select the menu language in Netflix

After navigating to Netflix settings, you can scroll down and search for the column Profiles and parental controls.

When done, click on your profile and tap change In the menu Language.

4. Change the display language

Change language on Netflix

You will be redirected to the page Display language. Please click on the option Indonesian To change the display language

Later, all Netflix menus or displays will change to Indonesian.

Note: In these settings, there is actually a menu to adjust Subtitle. But because not all movies are supported Subtitle You choose, you just have to change it while watching the video.

How to change the video subtitle language on Netflix

As I mentioned before, to change the subtitle language on Netflix, it is best to do this only when you are watching a movie.

in addition to SubtitleOn Netflix also lets you change دوبله From the video for a more complete way, please follow the steps below:

1. Find the movie you want to watch

Select Netflix Movies

First, please find the movie you want to watch first. You can search through the column search
in the top

2. Click on the subtitle icon

Tap subtitle options on Netflix

Once the movie opens, there are several menus. Well, you can click icon Subtitle Which is located at the bottom to change the language of the film.

3. Change to Indonesian

Set Netflix subtitle to Indonesian

There are two options open here, namely sound to adjust دوبله And subtitles to change the language.

Example here, I want to wear دوبله From Japan, so I choose Japanese
In the audio section about the subtitle I use the language Indonesia.

For audio and subtitles, this depends on the availability of Netflix. For example, not all movies are available with Indonesian dubbing and subtitles. And you can choose as you wish.

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The final word

If you are new to Netflix, I hope this guide can help you.

I will explain the example here through the web version of Netflix. For later versions of the app, you just have to set it.

If you have any questions, please write in the comments column. The column is at the bottom of this article.

It may be useful.

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