9+ ways to repair an unreadable Android phone

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An illegible Android phone? Wow, this is definitely going to be troublesome. Especially when, for example, you want to transfer data from a computer or laptop.

Or when you want to do wink Reset HP Well, you know the problem of not recognizing Android on this PC is a lot.

I myself have experienced it several times. From the HP of the past to the examples used today.

Therefore, I have to raise the issue here.

Reasons for not recognizing Android phone in computer

In general, the causes can be divided into two categories, namely system errors and damage hardware. For example:

  • Error setting up Android system.
  • The data cable used is damaged.
  • The data cable used does not support transfer mode Files (Charging only).
  • The HP connector is broken.
  • HP system problem (Bugs And its type).
  • Driver Not installed yet (especially for those who want to do so) wink).

To overcome this, we just need to focus on these things.

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How to overcome an unreadable Android phone on PC / Laptop

Well, here I also want to talk about how to overcome HP illegible USB on laptop / PC when you want transfer Files.

Can be used for Asus, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo and so on. Let me see:

1. Make sure the data cable used is not damaged

Check the data cable used

Data cables are often damaged, especially when their lifespan is too long.

The effects will be different. It does not charge, but in addition, this condition can also make the cell phone unrecognizable.

Here’s how to check it out:

  • Try using a data cable on another cell phone
  • If it does not work, replace the data cable

If you are using a new data cable, the results will be detected on the mobile phone, in which case the old data cable may be damaged.

2. Make sure your data cable supports file transfer

Make sure the data cable supports data transmission

Please note that there are two types of data cables in Android:

  • First Support data transfer (Storage media)
  • And the latter only Charging support Only

If the data cable that only Support To charge this mobile phone, it is used to transfer data, it is certain that Android is not read in any computer or laptop.

This means that if it is connected to a computer or laptop, there will be no automatic response to the mode transfer.

The solution is to replace the data cable with an existing cable Support Most media transmissions are usually available on most HP cables, of course Support For this activity

3. Transfer USB to another port

Transfer USB to another port

Change the position of the data cable connected to your PC or laptop.

The purpose is to see if Slots The USB used was damaged and made Android unreadable.

Also be sure to connect the data cable directly to it Slots On the device, without using a USB hub.

This is because most USB hubs only have very little power, so they can not read data from your Android.

In fact, sometimes there are those who are not at all Support To read storage media

4. Install the Android USB driver

In some cases, there is an Android error problem that is not detected on the PC because of it drivers HP is not installed properly.

This is usually the case when HP is about to turn on.Flash reuse software certain.

Driver This function is to install Android devices on a computer system so that the device can be identified.

You can install Driver First by searching and downloading it on the internet.

Do not forget to adjust it Chips used. most usual:

QualcommQualcomm USB driver
MediaTekMTK USB VCOM driver
ExynosSamsung USB drivers
Example USB driver
Example USB driver

For example, if it is Mediatek, it means that you also use Mediatek. Also adjust with the type of HP used.

If so, try HP again. If it is normal, it will definitely be identified.

5. Change Android settings to MTP mode

Set USB to MTP mode

with condition AssumptionThere are some Android that Settings USB is in place Charge. This situation eventually makes the cell phone unrecognizable on a personal computer or laptop.

the moment Smart phones In mode setting ChargeWill be the same case Smart phones With no data cable Support transfer Files.

Yes, only shows charge notification.

To solve this problem, you need to change the mode Charge In data transfer mode method:

  1. Connect Android to PC or laptop
  2. Wait for the window to appear Charge
  3. Select MTP

Note: Make sure the cable is data Support Property transfer Files.

6. Reset the factory

Perform a factory reset on HP

The HP connection may also be compromised if the settings are incorrect. Whether intentional or unintentional.

If it’s intentional, of course you already know how to get it back. Examples such as:

  • Because we installed a special application
  • Open access mode Root
  • Installation Updates Existing system Bugs inside it
  • or something else

As a result, HP becomes unreadable when connected to a computer.

The problem is, what if those settings change or change randomly without us noticing?

Of course, this confuses us, what settings need to be changed correctly?

Well, if you want it to be easy, you can try to do it Reset factory:

  1. Open the HP settings
  2. Enter the menu Backup and reset
  3. Then do Factory data reset There

Doing so will return HP to normal, as all settings will return to the original purchased HP.

This solution applies to settings changes that are intentional or unintentional.

Do not forget to back up your data before resetting

7. Enable USB Debugging

USB DebuggingIn short, is similar to Administrator access (similar to Root but no Root). Commonly used to modify the HP system.

Well, I got it from some external tech sites that used USB Debugging This can sometimes help fix the problem of not recognizing Android on Windows systems.

The easy way out for yourself, really.

Open Android phone settings
  • Entered to Developer Options
  • Then Enable USB Debugging.
Enable debugging on HP

If the settings option Developer Not found, please first through:

  1. open Settings Mobile.
  2. Entered to About HP.
  3. search Form number.
  4. Then press repeatedly
  5. Make sure the message is “You are already a developer”.

Settings to open options Developer Must be on all Android phones. It may not exist at all.

8. Flash the HP again

Flash HP again

We went back to the system problems Bugs. Sometimes options Reset It can really help.

However, if Bugs The system already exists by default, so the only way to fix it is by method Flash Just repeat

Why? Because with Flash By resetting, the HP system will be replaced with a new system. Then it should be BugsBugs Disappears automatically.

9. Bring HP to the service center

Bring HP to a service center

If it still does not work, one of the components on the HP may be damaged.

The damage to these parts, to be honest, is a bit difficult to repair. Especially if we do not understand about electronics.

One of the most vulnerable parts is the connector on the HP. This connector has a pin that works to detect HP on other devices. If the PIN is damaged, the mobile phone cannot be read on the computer.

Type of problemservice fee
Unreadable HP50 thousand to 200 thousand rupees

Or you can bring your own cell phone service center. This is the best choice in my opinion.

Because fixing such a problem usually does not take much time. If there is a special guarantee, it may be free of charge.

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The final word

An Android phone that cannot be read on a computer is very troublesome.

We can not copy Files What you want, so you can not do it wink When HP is completely dead or Boot loop.

Well, the above methods are the ones that are often recommended by experienced Android users.

I recommend it myself because I tried it myself and so far it has been proven that my mobile phone is back to normal.

If it does not work, please tell me more about your problem in the comments column below. I hope it helps, oh.

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