6 ways to overcome HP can not vibrate, so it is normal again

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There are many activities we can do Smart phones Today, especially Android, examples such as:

  • Start by calling
  • send Message
  • social media
  • Use different programs
  • and others.

To support these activities, Android phones have been enriched with very useful features.

One of them is the vibration feature (Vibration) To support information needs.

The vibration feature is definitely very useful. For example, when HP is inside silentThe vibration feature acts as a replacement for the notification sound, so we can still be aware of the notifications coming to our cell phones.

Then what happens if HP fails to vibrate? This is what I want to discuss here.

Makes HP unable to vibrate

HP reasons that can not vibrate

In short, the cause of HP that can not vibrate can be components or systems. For example due to damage to PCBs and vibrating components or due to Root And Custom-made رام ها

  • PCB damage: May be damaged due to dirt which causes the part to be cut off. It may also be because HP has been exposed to water.
  • The vibrator part is broken: This component causes HP to vibrate. If damaged, of course, it disables the vibration function.
  • The shake feature is not yet active: We can activate the vibration feature only by adjusting the volume or mode function. However, sometimes we still have to adjust it manually.
  • Effect Root: Root Often results in some HP features being disabled. This can also affect the vibration properties. (System problem).
  • Because Custom-made رام: For those who like to use HP, use Custom-made The ROM can also disable some HP features, similar Root. HP Vibration Failure can also be caused by this.

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How to overcome HP vibration that does not work

Well, now how do we solve it?

Here, I offer tips to solve this problem. Hopefully this can get your HP back to normal.

1. Check the vibration function via secret code

Here you first need to check if the HP vibrator is really active.

There are several ways to check it. But since we can not go through the menu, we can use a secret code.

Here is how:

  1. open Dial screenThen type * # 0 * #.
  2. After typing the code, a new window will appear.
  3. Tap the option Tremor To begin the review
  4. If it is normal, your HP will shake constantly.
HP vibration check code

This secret code can be used in almost all brands of Android mobile phones. If vibration occurs, it means that this component is still normal.

Oh yes, in addition to checking, this method can indirectly help you reactivate the vibration function that had time. Error.

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2. Activate the Vibrate feature manually

One way to enable vibration on Android is to set it via HP settings.

Unfortunately, it is still rarely possible to set it directly here. Maybe because it feels less instantaneous.

Follow these steps:

  • open Settings Your Android phone
Android settings menu
  • Then enter the menu access > Tremor.
  • Then activate the vibration there.
HP Vibrate Settings Options

If so, you can re-evaluate the vibration function using the method mentioned in the first point.

The vibrating menu is generally there (access), but if you can’t find it, reset it, OK. It really should be in the HP settings.

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3. Tap HP at the bottom left

Fix HP Vibrate problem

The vibrating components are mostly at the bottom left of HP. It has already been explained that the reason for the vibration not working can be because the PCB or its vibrating components have a problem.

The vibrating part may be really damaged or its position may change.

Well, since we do not know what the damage was, it is better to try by tapping the bottom left of the mobile phone first.

  1. first stage, Turn off your HP first.
  2. Remove the battery (if you can).
  3. Then Tap the left end of the HP Move slowly to the floor or wall, do not be too hard, okay?
  4. Keep tapping several times.
  5. If so, turn HP on again, then check for vibration again.

That way, you usually know that HP vibration can return to normal. The important thing is not to hit too hard, right? He was afraid to even hit Touch screenHe or another problem

Oh yes, HP is off here is not mandatory, really, that’s its nature. While it is on, you can check it out if you wish. It can be checked using the method in the first point (via a secret code).

Check out the video below to make sure:

Unimaginable, but certainly very powerful. So it’s worth a try.

4. Unroot your mobile phone

Root Android phones can convert mobile phones Error, And some features are disabled. The solution is easy, enough unroot HP only

What is that unroot? If you do not know, unroot This helps to remove access Root In HP in general, therefore, HP can return to its original state Assumption.

How to do? For some HP-HP is usually different. For example:

  • HP A use Program A
  • HP B use Application B
  • HP C use Program C

Please search Used according to HP only. An example of how to root a Samsung mobile phone.

5. Try resetting your HP

Reset Mobile. This method can be considered to solve the problem of HP vibrations that are not active due to the system.

levels Reset like this:

  • open SettingsThen enter the menu Backup and reset.
Backup and reset menu
  • Then tap Reset to factory settings.
  • Follow the help Reset-Your.
Factory reset menu

PS: Do not forget Backup Data first, yes

Once the process is complete, HP will now be in position Assumption, And again like new. Just another test of vibration performance.

6. Service your mobile phone

Android services

If you can not, it means that your cell phone really needs repair, or the shaky part has been replaced.

The price of the parts themselves is not so expensive, but if it is difficult to install by people who do not understand. Therefore, the HP service option is more suitable for selection.

The cost of HP services can not vibrateIf you replace the components
150 thousand to 200 thousand50 thousand to 100 thousand

For the service itself, you can take it to the nearest service center immediately. If there is a guarantee, there will be no cost. Free.

The final word

So, here are 6 tips to overcome HP that can not shake. It can be said that the above methods are the most effective and they are not difficult to do.

Suitable for all brands of Android phones, Samsung, Asus, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Lenovo and so on.

I might add more in the future. Good luck!

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