5 Ways to Overcome the Sound of a Small / Small Headset on HP

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Voice headset Small, in fact, is no longer an external problem. I use it myself often headsetAnd I often experience problems like this.

Well if headset Used for telephone purposes only, may not be a major problem.

But for those of you who like to listen to music, this is definitely a hassle, because the volume produced is not optimal.

Now the question is what is the cause of the sound? headset This little one?

Reasons for small headset noise

Sound problem headset This small amount can be due to two things, the system, or headsetSelf

The problem with the system is that HP has a problem Bugs Some things, or maybe because of something, are simply incorrectly tuned.

If there is a problem headset, Meaning that an audio component may be damaged. In fact, bent or broken cables can also be affected.

The following will cause the headset to make a small noise:

  • System problem
  • Incorrect setting error
  • The audio part of the headset is damaged
  • The headset cable is bent or almost broken

How to overcome the sound of a small or small mobile headset on an Android phone?

Given how you manage it yourself, it may be easy and difficult. Fortunately, I have often managed to get past it by now. Well, for that, here I want to explain some of the solutions.

However, what you need to know first is the sound problem headset This small is divided into two types:

  • Low sound on both Smartphone.
  • As well as low noise in one Smartphone (Small neighbor).

Now let’s try to discuss the solution. I hope it works, yes.

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1. Check the headset cable

Check the HP headset cable

Voice headset A small cable, on either side or just one side, can be caused by a loose or nearly broken audio cable.

This is because audio data is delivered over the cable. If the cable is damaged, the resulting sound is usually as follows:

  • The quality is automatically reduced
  • The sound is small or small next to each other
  • So do not be surprised if the cable breaks, sound headsetIt will also disappear.

How to solve it like this:

  1. First try to check the cable headset You. Is there a curved cable?
  2. Well, if so, try smoothing it out again.
  3. It is recommended to try the cable strip (which is black) as well so that the position of the cable does not change again.

What about Kabul? headsetAlmost broken?

If so, you do not need to worry about it. You can actually solder the cable directly to the part Smartphone-Your.

You can also change the cable headset Others, if used or damaged.

For more details, you can read the article How to repair a broken headset.

2. Check the connection position of the headset to HP

Check the connection position of the headset to HP

Connector position problem headset Mistakes can sometimes be the cause.

Especially for headset Which is almost broken or even already damaged. There are many cases of this situation.

Try the following solutions:

  1. First, disconnect and connect the connector headset To Sound jack Mobile.
  2. Sound test, for example, by playing music.
  3. Try turning the connector while hearing the sound.
  4. Try disconnecting the connector. This method is sometimes quite effective.

This should only be repeated continuously until you find the right position.

This is usually because the cable route to the connector is almost broken. Therefore, in certain situations, the cable will not connect properly.

I often encounter this problem on several occasions Smartphone Which I have used

3. Using the equalizer program

Check the sound settings on your Android phone, is there a setting? Equalizer?

There is no average. That’s why I suggest using it here Application Equalizer.

This equalizer can be useful for overcoming sound headset Nonsignificant. Because of the settings Audio balanceIt can be used to overcome headset Whose voice is low


  • Connection headset To HP
  • Install the program first GODEV sound amplifier.
GODEV sound boost app
  • Open the app.
  • Adjust the settings volume increase Be higher
Adjust the equalizer
  • Auto voice headset When you were little, its volume increased.
Program nameSize
GOODEV sound amplifier3 MB

Also to solve the sound problem headphoneSmall side t, you can try using the program Bass booster.

  1. Install the program Bass booster.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Then Settings Settings Equalizer To sound headset Be balanced
Use a bass booster
Program nameSize
Bass booster3.5 MB

In addition to the two practical tips above, you can use other programs as well Equalizer Other.

Tips on Equalizer: This app works to make settings Custom-made Voice In HP that did not exist before. in addition to Bass booster And GODEV sound amplifier You can also use other similar programs.

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4. Use MXPlayer

Apart from using the app EqualizerYou can also cope with the sound headset Little uses the program MXPlayer. Especially if you want to play video.

Well, there is a feature in MXPlayer called that SW receiver.

This feature allows the system to adjust the sound, no hardware. Therefore, the volume of the maja becomes higher as a result.

How to set it like this:

  • Install the program MXPlayer the first.
MXplayer app
  • Open the app, then go to Settings.
  • Go to settings, then select Password.
MX Player Receiver
  • Swipe down to find options SW audio sound.
  • Please tick the option SW audio sound.
Set the SW MX audio player

Then, please play the desired video (or music). Then turn up the volume, you can adjust it later than usual.

Voice headset Even small complaints can be minimized automatically.

Program nameSize
MXPlayer28 MB

MXPlayer itself is not an external application for most Android users. This application is very well known as one of the applications Video player The best.

5. Change headset (extra)

If you can not change the headset

If you feel that this is the cause of the problem, go back to the component problem headsetOf course, the most effective way is to replace it directly.

Especially if headsetIt has been around for a long time, and you do not want to bother repairing it yourself.

However, it is a good idea to test your mobile phone using it first headset Other. Just to be sure, you can borrow your family or friends first.

Well, if it turns out to be normal, that means headset You have been in trouble for a long time


So information to solve the volume problem headset Small, both sides and small only on one side.

Here are some tricks you can try, one of which is to use an app Equalizer.

You can set which method is most needed. For example cable repair headsetOr just test the connector.

The results will be different later.

This discussion is intended for many people, especially those who are still beginners. Therefore, the tips here can be done by anyone.

May be helpful!

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