5 Easy Ways to Overcome a Reverse Camera on Android Phones

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Photography is a popular pastime. Especially considering the need for social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which are now available to almost all gadget users.

Taking photos can be easily done through the Android camera. Just open the camera, then tap the existing “Capture” button. The photo is then saved immediately.

Recently, however, I sometimes see a problem with taking photos with this Android camera.

Well, the problem discussed here is the reverse camera image. Either left and right upside down, or maybe up and down. Definitely annoying, isn’t it?

Reasons why HP cameras can be reversed

Apparently, when the image is opened, we find natural results. The question is, how is it up and down?

No worries. The reason for this is the reverse of the HP camera The average of the system. For example Bugs Or camera settings error

Since it is caused by the system, we can solve this problem ourselves, without the hassle of bringing it to the hospital. service center All.

How to overcome an inverted HP camera to get back to normal

There are several ways to overcome the inverted HP camera. I want to discuss it a bit here.

This solution applies to all Android phones such as OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi, ASUS, Samsung, etc. Here is how:

1. First check the camera settings

First of all, all you have to do is check the camera settings first.

Why is that? The reason is separate from being wrong SettingsYou know, camera settings can also be changed randomly.


Additionally, some HPs have a feature called Mirror (Mirror). This feature allows the camera to take back photos.

Therefore, you should check these settings to prevent the camera from tipping over again:

  1. Open the app Camera On your Android phone
  2. Open the existing menu. It is usually in the upper left or right corner.
  3. Then open Settings.
  4. Then look for settings تلنگر، Back, mirror (Mirror) and the like.
  5. do Settings In front and rear camera
Camera mirror settings

Then test the camera again. If these settings are removed, the camera will return to normal.

If you can not find the settings, try to check through the settings.

  1. open Settings Android.
  2. Enter the menu System applications.
  3. Swipe down, search, and open the app Camera.
  4. Then disable the settings تلنگر Or turn back There.

I found the description of these settings in one of the YouTube videos. Maybe here is a reference:

Training for this series OPPO A3S. Well, there are other things for Samsung HP users:

You can try to follow the photo.

2. Clear the camera app data

Clear Android camera app data

All camera data, including settings and more, is stored in one Files that is called Cache files.

Here we can try to delete Cache files The goal is that all settings can beReset Return to normal.

This can be the next solution, especially if you are still confused about how to set it up Settings As I explained earlier, flip, flip or mirror.

The steps are as follows:

  • open Settings Your Android
  • Then follow me Application.
Application settings
  • Then find and open the app Camera.
Camera app in settings
  • Then tap the button Clear information.
Clear camera information

Therefore, the camera should return to normal. After that, just open the camera app again.

Come on, give it a try! Easy ways to overcome the blurry, dark and fuzzy HP camera.

3. Change the HP Camera app

Change the camera app on mobile

Generally, people use the default camera app to take pictures. One added value is that you can make the most of HP’s built-in features.

But, of course, you can also use other camera apps that you can get from the Google Playstore.

Well, since the settings are different, then the reverse camera problem has to be fixed.

For how to use it, you just Installation As usual, what camera app do you want, then open the app directly. After that, just check.

4. Reset HP

If that doesn’t work, there are a few extra suggestions you can try do Reset Android system.

the past Reset This will clear all HP settings. Including settings from the camera’s default application, so that problems that appear in the camera also disappear.

Here are the steps Reset-Self:

  • open Settings Android.
  • Swipe down and open the menu Backup and reset.
Backup and reset settings
  • Then tap the button Factory reset.
  • Follow the help Reset What next?
Reset Android Reverse Camera Repair

Highly recommended Before doing ResetDo it first Backup data Not to be lost later

Back up photos, videos, and other data that are mostly in internal storage. BackupYou can try Upload To Cloud storage spaceOr use simple methods such as transferring data to another mobile phone or laptop.

After the reset, you have to reset the original HP settings because HP is like being bought again. If so, just retry the camera.

5. Take it to the service center

Previously, before Reset But do you still have a problem? Wow, my last piece of advice is to go straight to it service center.

The reason is that it is feared that this problem does not originate from the arrangements, but originates from this issue. Bugs Default system

In addition, there are other possibilities, such as damage to the HP camera part. For example, it may be due to falling or exposure to water.

One of the readers of Leskompi.com has even experienced it.

Usually camera components need to be cleaned first or perhaps replaced with new ones. That’s why it’s better to just fix it service centerIt is straightforward

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The final word

Here are some tips to solve the problem of reverse camera.

As a result, it is often caused by system configuration and rarely by components. Therefore, the solution still relates to HP settings.

Well, if it still does not work, then it is recommended that you try to repair it service center. By reasoning, the problem may only be solved if it is fixed by a technician.

If you have any other questions or tips related to this discussion, what do you want to say?

I hope it is useful.

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