4 online ruler apps for easy measuring of objects

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We usually use a ruler to measure an object. Well, have you ever been somewhere, wanting to measure something but forgot to bring a ruler?

Fortunately, there is now a ruler Online Which you can easily use through the site or through the application. Convenient to replace when you forget to bring a ruler.

Well, if you want to try this online ruler as well, here are some practical tips and how to use it.

How to use an online ruler

You can easily use this ruler site or app. And can be opened via PC, laptop and HP.

Then a ruler appears on the screen and you just have to place the object you want to measure in front of the screen.

Here are the tips for using the ruler and how to use them:

1. Supplier

The first virtual ruler site I recommend is Ursupplier. At this site, you can later get a virtual ruler with a maximum length of 46 cm.

Additionally, you can adjust the number of inches from the virtual ruler in the Ursupplier to your liking.

So here’s how to use it:

  1. First, open the browser and visit the site Supplier Ruler.
  2. You will be redirected to the page later Real size ruler.
  3. Please place the object in front of the screen to measure the size.
  4. done.
Ursupplier online ruler

If you want to change the value Per inch-You can change the options in it One inch graduation. Here the options vary from 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32. Just adjust it to your liking.

2. PiliApp

Next is the PiliApp site. The difference is that the length of the virtual ruler that this site supports is only up to 30 cm.

However, the interesting thing about this virtual ruler in PiliApp is that it has the ability to identify the screen size you are using.

Here’s how to use it:

1. First, please visit the site پیلی اپ the first.

2. A virtual ruler will appear here, please place the object you want to measure on the screen.

PiliApp online ruler

3. If you want to try the device’s screen meter feature, you can tap the button I do not know the size of your screen In the following section

4. Now, a dialog box appears with the screen size of the device.

Screen measurement feature

5. Done.

Apart from the presentation Tool The virtual ruler, PiliApp, is also varied Tool Other. Such as inch measuring units, stopwatch, analog clock and many more.

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3. Accurate

Just like before, Preciseruler only offers rulers with a maximum length of 30 cm.

Although the length is standard, in Preciseruler you can change the regular ruler option to L-Square (L-shaped ruler).

Here’s how to use it:

1. Please visit the site first Accurate In the browser

2. A ruler appears, please measure the object by pasting it on the screen.

Accurate virtual ruler

3. If you want to change the L-shaped ruler, click the button L-Square.

4. Here the virtual ruler in Preciseruler will look like the image below.

Accurate square L ruler

5. Done.

By Assumption
The virtual ruler in the Precseruler uses CM units. But you can also change to inches if needed.

4. Use of applications (HP)

Aside from the site, HP now has a variety of ruler programs that you can use to measure objects.

How to use it more or less not so far from the previous cases. Please just follow these steps:

1. First please install the program Ruler (ruler) First in the Play Store

Install the Ruler program

2. If installed, open the program.

3. A virtual ruler appears on the HP screen. Please place the object you want to measure in front of the screen.

Virtual Ruler Ruler app

4. Done.

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The final word

For simple object measurements, the rulers I have previously recommended are sufficient.

But if you want to try other programs, you can. How is it that there are still so many similar sites or other ruler apps in the Play Store.

For many of me, it might be helpful.

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