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There are 2 types of apps on Android phones. First, the program that runs when we open it. And second, background programs (Background application).

Here is an example:

Application typePractical example
Programs that run when openedbrowserCamera, multi-game and so on.
Background applicationsApplication chat, Social media and others

Now all Android phones must support background apps. What is a system program, what program do we use Installation single.

Each of these programs has a role to play according to its respective performance.

But if it is too much and not optimal, it will certainly fill the capacity of Rome. As a result, HP slows down, does not even respond.

How to stop running programs in the background

How to stop the program Background This is not a difficult thing, I have done it myself many times, even from the beginning. Especially when checking memory capacity.

Here I will explain some of the ways. Can be used for all mobile phones (Xiaomi, Samsung, Asus, OPPO, Vivo, etc.). Please see how:

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# 1. Forced pause of the program through the settings

The easiest way is to do Compulsory stop (Force Stop) Programs running through HP settings.

Reason, any good software we have Installation Self or from the system – 100% registered in the settings.

First, try to find out what programs are running on the Internet Background. Method:

  1. open Settings Mobile.
  2. Enter the menu Memory Or Application.
  3. to knock زبانه Menu Running programs.
  4. Then record or memorize programs that are running.

These are the steps Optional. If you want to stop the program directly, you really can. levels:

  • open Settings Mobile.
  • Enter the menu Application.
Application menu in HP
  • Find running programs BackgroundThen open.
  • Next, tap the button Compulsory stop.
Mandatory stop of background applications on HP

Well, after completing these steps, the program will no longer run automatically. However, sometimes there are some programs that run again restart.

Since this is not just an application, please repeat the above steps for other applications that also run in the background.

For the default system applications, you can:

  1. Just tap the settings button (step 3)
  2. Tap the option View system programs
  3. Then the next steps are the same.

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# 2. Use additional applications

Using additional apps can also stop background apps running on Android phones. There are several types of apps available on the Google Playstore.

The difference between the previous method and using this additional application, one of its advantages is that we can immediately find out what applications are currently active.

In fact, sometimes there are other features, such as being able to know how much memory is left.

Here I use the program Advanced Task Manager. Here are the steps:

  • open Google Play Store > Search Advanced Task Manager > Then Installation.
  • If it is already installed, please open the app.
Advanced task management program in the Play Store
  • Click the program you want to stop> then click Strengthen.
  • Wait for the process to complete, then the selected program will stop.
An example of Advanced Task Manager in Android

Unfortunately, this method does not support system applications. So, if you want to stop the program BBackground servicesPlease use the first method, yes.

# 3. Stop email syncing

In addition, Android phones have the ability to sync email, which also plays a role in activating some features.

Well, then indirectly, email syncing also activates certain programs and runs them in the background.

Here’s how to stop email syncing:

  • Open first Settings Mobile.
  • Then tap the menu Account > Select account Google.
Google HP Account Settings Menu
  • Tap the three-dot menu button.
  • Then tap Stop syncing.
Stop the HP Email Sync menu

If you use this method, some applications Background It will stop automatically.

But on the other hand, it also disables some functions. For example, the contact list suddenly disappeared.

How to restrict the execution of programs in the background

Restrictions can also be made to stop running background programs without our knowledge.

Almost all Android phones support this feature. But before that, we must first enable developer mode. Here is how:

  1. open Settings Android phones
  2. Entered to About the phone.
  3. to knock Form number (Construction number) several times.
  4. Make sure the message “You are already a developer” appears.

In the next step, follow these steps:

  • Open again Settings Mobile.
  • Swipe down, then find and open the menu Developer.
Enable Developer Mode in HP
  • to knock Limit the background process.
  • Then select the process limit you need.
Set background process restrictions in HP

I will try to explain a little more, in principle, how it works is simple, that is, any mobile process that runs is limited to the maximum according to the settings you set there.

For example, you set up 1 process. If you open another program and you are active in that program, the previous program will stop automatically.

So, as I said before, please select the number of processes you need. This is because if it is not suitable, the next use will be even easier.

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Benefits of stopping running background programs

In several articles on this site that talk about Android, I sometimes suggest this User HP is always reviewing and optimizing applications Background.

Among the benefits are the following:

  • HP performance is always maintained.
  • Full HP RAM can be reduced again.
  • HP is not slow, hang، not answeringEtc.
  • Repair Error Safe in HP

and others. Of course, no matter how much you optimize it, it comes back.

The final word

This discussion is about shutting down applications in the background of HP. It’s easy, isn’t it?

The steps do not take, just a few minutes. Especially if you already know where it is.

This training should be Work Runs on all HP brands. However, if there is a slight difference in the steps and you are confused about how to do it, please just ask in the comments column. Enter HP brand and type as well, yes.

It may be useful.

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