3 ways to safely and easily remove Securite glass

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One of the things you are advised to do when buying a new cell phone is to install it Heated glass.

The reason, because Heated glass This can protect your mobile screen from scratches that may appear accidentally.

Not only this, with the help of mobile phones, the screen will also be safer. Because something will be broken later Heated glassThe first rain.

Heated glass It is not permanent, similar to ordinary scratches. So you can drop whenever you want. The method is as I will discuss here.

How to remove Securite glass

Leave a small note for those who are not used to it Heated glass This will generally be a bit difficult. Because more glue than Heated glass You can say hard

To make this easier, we can use additional tools here. Start with a SIM card, HVS paper and a needle.

1. Used with SIM card

SIM card used

The SIM card is often used to open a thin object. Start by opening the cell phone frame to Heated glass.

You can use a used SIM card, or if you can the SIM card is still intact (as shown above).

For the following way:

  1. First prepare the SIM card
  2. Remove the end Heated glass HP using nails
  3. If so, please insert the SIM card Heated glass Who managed to escape earlier.
  4. Finally, press the SIM card or slide it on either side of the cell phone to remove the adhesive.
  5. done.

2. Use HVS paper

If you do not have a used SIM card, you can remove it Heated glassUsing HVS Paper One of the reasons for using HVS paper is that the HP screen does not get scratched.

Because as you know, this HVS paper has soft and thin properties. For your method like this:

  1. First, please remove the end Heated glass Which is still installed on the mobile phone using nails.
  2. Then insert the HVS paper Heated glass Which was previously published
  3. Gently press the HVS paper up Heated glass Managed to escape
  4. done.

3. Use the needle

If Heated glass If you feel it is so sticky that it is difficult to remove, you can use a pin.

For one thing, if you use this method, you need to be extra careful not to scratch the HP screen. Especially if your cell phone already has a plan full Screen or borderless

Here is how:

  1. First prepare the PIN.
  2. Then please remove the end Heated glass Using a needle
  3. Continue inserting the needle to the end Heated glass Release so you can hold on Heated glass را
  4. After you can hold Heated glass Chipped, you can gently drag it to remove it from the screen.
  5. done.

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Tips on removing tempered glass

Because it sticks to the screen, so that the release process Heated glass Make sure the screen is not scratched, there are a few things to keep in mind. The discussion is here:

1. Do this slowly

The first point is that you have to give up Heated glass Slow down because if you delete it almost, it fears it will lift your cell phone screen as well.

In addition, getting up
Heated glass In a hurry can also Heated glass breaks

2. Make sure the glue is removed

When you left Heated glass From the screen, sometimes glue remains on the screen. Especially if it is quality Heated glass This is not good.

Well, be sure to remove any glue residue. You can clean with a slightly damp cloth (slightly damp), then gently wipe the screen.

3. Removed Securite glass can not be reinstalled

Finally, you need to know this Heated glass Removed can not be reinstalled.

This is because of the zinc adhesive Heated glass It is disposable so, before release, it is recommended to prepare it Heated glass just before.

So that if Heated glass The old glue has been removed and the dirt has been removed, you just have to install the new glue.

The final word

to release Heated glass It’s certainly not hard, we just have to be careful in this process. So it has no effect on the screen.

If you have any related questions, please post them in the comments.

It may be useful.

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