3+ ways to fix damaged HP connector loose (normal again)

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Not a few Android users have a problem with the battery.

One of the most common situations is that when the cell phone is charged, it turns out that the contents of the battery can not be increased. In fact, it is not uncommon for HP to fail to turn on again, or to be completely dead.

Separate from agents battery chargerturns out HP connector broken You know it can be the cause. Its intensity varies.

Starting from relatively minor physical damage, such as exposure to dust, dirt, or looseness.

While relatively heavy, it is usually more towards components such as short circuits or IC problems.

Features of damaged HP connector

Features of a faulty HP connector

There are three characteristics when the HP connector is damaged. First, the phone does not charge, then when it is charging, it feels like it is off by itself and the charging process takes a long time.

# 1. Cannot be charged

Kabul battery charger It does not only work on HP. Meanwhile if the cable battery chargerUsed on another HP, runs normally. This means that there is a problem with the HP connector.

# 2. The charger likes to be discharged alone

When the cell phone is charging, its position changes slightly, suddenly it no longer charges. This condition is usually caused by an internal connector Charger port Change direction, either up or down.

# 3. Very long charging process

The length of the charging process really depends on the head battery chargerKabul battery chargerAs well as the HP specification used. But it does not make sense, if after 1 hour of charging, the battery percentage increases by only 5%.

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How to repair an HP connector like it is loose

There are at least three things to do to solve this problem:

  1. By fixing the direction of the connector (if it is loose and likes to detach)
  2. Clean the connector
  3. Replace the connector battery chargerReplace it immediately (if the component is damaged).

Here’s a complete discussion on how to solve it.

# 1. By setting the connection direction

The position of the HP connector is arranged in the middle and is suitable for different brands battery charger.

But some types battery charger Whose connection is too small or too large. So that it causes the connector that was initially in the middle to be up or down (and loose).

Repair the HP connector as follows:

  • Step 1First thing to do: Please provide a small, tall, thin object that fits inside. Charger port. For example a needle.
Repair the connector with a needle
  • Step 2Use the needle to change the connection. Scroll up or down if needed.
Charge HP Likes Off
  • Step 3If so, test with cable battery charger-Your. If it still does not fit, please reset it.

Oh yes, a small point, this method must be done carefully, yes.

If you are not careful, the connector may even break. I have even experienced this myself.

Remember, the risk is on everyone.

# 2. By cleaning dirty HP connectors

Cleaning fittings in HP

Port The possibility of this dirty connector occurring is very high. Especially if HP has been used for a long time. Dirt can stick like dust. What effect?

One consequence is that the charging process is usually very slow. In my experience, it only takes up to 2 hours to charge a 20% battery because of this dirty connector.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

You can clean it if needed. The trick is simple, like before using a needle, then gently rub the top and bottom of the connector.

Oh yes, do not forget to clean your head as well battery charger Commonly used. This can also have an impact.

You can use sandpaper or the like to clean it.

# 3. By replacing the charger IC

If you are sure that the problem with the battery charge is not due to the HP connector, there may be a problem with Charging IC.

What is that Charging IC?

In short, this is the part that is used to deliver power from the connector battery charger HP to the battery. Also includes information about the charging process.

Parts prices Charging IC In fact, it is relatively cheap. However, installation is certainly a bit difficult. So it is better to use HP service to install it.

Charger IC pricePrice with installation
50 – 200000100000 – 300000

Depending on the type of mobile phone used, the price can vary again.

No need for new changes! Here’s how to repair a damaged HP data cable

The charger IC has been replaced, but is the charging process still a problem? Try changing the charger interface

To be honest, I personally have more problems with ICs than connectors.

However, if the IC has been replaced, but the charging process is still problematic, you should try replacing the connector.

GoodTotal cost of connector replacement battery charger It is still very cheap for example, there are two types of components. PCB shape and direct connection shape.

What is the price range? Please refer to the table below:

Component typeEstimated price
Connector3 thousand to 15 thousand rupees.
PCB10 thousand to 75 thousand rupees.

This is true for all brands. Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo, Asus and others. But with one tip, for the type Flagship The price may be more expensive

But as before, if you do not understand, it is better to just ask someone who knows how to service HP.

Wow, that seems to be the reason why the battery runs out so quickly, even if the phone is not in use

The final word

I provided this information on how to repair a damaged mobile connector to help Android users who may experience it.

Because I myself had this problem several times, even until the connector broke.

For discussion, I deliberately simplify it to make it easier to understand. However, if you still do not understand something, just ask for more details through the comments column below.

It may be useful.

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